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Cash Registers


30 and 5


The main purpose of this page is to give the cash register novice pictured examples of the many styles and finishes of antique National cash registers made in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Some of the registers are for sale, but we do not ship registers at this time. If you are interested in a register, pick-up near Deerfield, WI is required. Email me with any questions. Serious inquiries please. JB

250 (3 color)

5 (with marble)

313 in red brass

5 (Fluer-De-Lis design) 313 (in yellow brass)

2 (Fine Scroll design) and 7 (in three colors)

47 (Renaissance design) and 55

251 and 38

63 (in oxidized copper), 64 (Bohemian design)

135 (Art Nouveau design) and 325

39 1/2, 349

415, 416

1054, 1066-G

135 (Art Nouveau design) and 325

----331 and 333 (2 color)

Muren and 717 (copper plated)--

717 (Green Bay Packer motif) --
722T (Harly Davidson motif) with matching sign --

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Jamie & Doug Bentzler

Updated 4/1/08